A classic.  The humble snickerdoodle is a very basic cookie, but like any basic, execution is everything.  This recipe is from a friend who claims to hate cooking and baking because she is terrible at it.  I know she isn’t terrible at it.  This recipe is great and the most important ingredients are the fat, the vanilla and the cinnamon.  Since there isn’t any “flavourings” like chocolate and there’s no texture, like oatmeal, these cookies need the best fat,  vanilla and cinnamon.   Continue reading “Snickerdoodles”

Dark Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Some time ago I came upon this recipe.  Maybe Pinterest?  Someone’s blog?  Facebook?  Honestly, I don’t remember, but it caught my eye even though it has the word ‘healthy’ in the title.  It was the dark chocolate that hooked me as well as the unique method of mixing up the dough.  This morning it’s cold in my apartment so I needed to bake something.  These are delicious!  Look at the ingredient list-they qualify as granola bars.
Continue reading “Dark Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Bars”

Strawberry Cake

I’ve looked for a strawberry cake before and been disappointed.  Last year this time I made one that called for a packet of jelly powder.  I’m not thrilled with using that as an ingredient but the cake got some rave reviews.  Rave reviews or not, I didn’t want to make it again, so I went searching again. Continue reading “Strawberry Cake”

Cherry Cheesecake

I love me a no bake cheesecake with a cherry topping.  A quick search gives numerous recipes that call for Cool Whip and a can of cherry pie filling.  Um, no thanks.  I prefer real cream and it’s so easy to make cherry pie filling, there’s no reason to buy the canned stuff.   Continue reading “Cherry Cheesecake”

Chocolate Sauce

I found this recipe as a chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk.  You can cut the recipe in half but you won’t want to.  Great for chocolate milk, but it’s also a good all purpose chocolate sauce for ice cream, a bowl of strawberries, on top of cheesecake or with a spoon by the light of the fridge at midnight.  But you would never do that… Continue reading “Chocolate Sauce”