Butter Chicken Naan pockets

File this under “why didn’t I think of that?”.  I love butter chicken with a side of naan.  Tuck some butter chicken inside a naan and you have a meal you can eat with your hands.  Wouldn’t it be great for a picnic?  Or on the road?  What about the days when you have to run off somewhere after work with no time for dinner.  Avoid the drive through this one time.  Can you imagine making them bite sized for an appetizer platter? Inspired by this, I used this recipe for butter chicken, but as the inspiring posts says, you could totally use your favourite sauce from a jar.  I made the butter chicken yesterday and only used about half of the recipe.  When I assembled them today, I made 8 pockets just because it made sense to me.   If you make the filling the day before, the mixture will be cold and easier to work with.

IMAG1549Also, I under baked them slightly because my plan is to freeze them.  Since they’re under baked, they won’t get too dark when I re heat them.