Smothered Pork Loin

Years ago, I had a friend who made pork chops in mushroom gravy all the time.  It was her specialty.  She poured a can of cream of mushroom soup over some pork chops and baked the whole thing until it was cooked.  When I went to her place for dinner, that’s what she served and we all loved it.  Now, when I see a recipe that calls for a can of something soup, I pass it by. Continue reading “Smothered Pork Loin”


It’s March.  Fresh produce in Calgary is decidedly less than stellar, with a few exceptions.  And pricey.  Tomatoes are the worst.  They are picked when they are not fully ripe, made artificially red and taste…well, like nothing.  But fear not!  All is not lost! Continue reading “Tomatoes”

Baked (not really) Beans

I bought a slow cooker a couple of years ago and I hardly ever use it.  Every now and then I force myself to use it and am more often than not disappointed with the results.  I think it’s because I just normally don’t cook that way.  Casseroles and one-pot wonders are not really my style.  I found a recipe for baked beans in the slow cooker.  Actually, I think it’s a regular baked beans recipe, but it’s done in the slow cooker.  So they’re not really baked.  I also used it as an opportunity to use up a couple of things in my fridge that have been hanging around too long. Continue reading “Baked (not really) Beans”

Beauregard Stew

I was inspired to make a sweet potato and lentil stew.  Healthy, delicious and affordable.  When I purchased the ingredients, I noticed that the store called my sweet potato a Beauregard Yam.  That amused me.  I’ve never heard the name Beauregard as it refers to a sweet potato.  And so, I am naming this stew after the Beauregard yam. Continue reading “Beauregard Stew”