Wonder Buns

100_4618When I saw the name of these buns, I had to have the recipe.  So I asked and found out that the recipe is a closely guarded family secret.  The sharer of the recipe is genuinely afraid of the wrath of Baba (grandmother), and as such agreed to sharing the recipe with trepidation.  When I asked if I could blog about it (I knew I couldn’t not share it with you) he agreed only if I promised to change the name of the buns and to ensure there was no link to him.  I have changed the name of the buns to protect his identity. Continue reading “Wonder Buns”

Pad Thai

I heard that Pad Thai was tricky to make.  Tricky?  It’s noodles.  How tricky can it be?  The first time I made it, it was terrible.

Then I had the opened of the package of tamarind paste in my fridge taunting me.  Reminding me of the failed attempt.  Inspired by this recipe, I tried again. Continue reading “Pad Thai”

Egg nog pancakes

I love egg nog.  Not to drink, but as an ingredient.  Ok, the right egg nog, with enough rum and a dash of nutmeg, once a year, is delish.  But mostly I like it as an ingredient; for french toast, waffles, muffins.  You can replace the milk with egg nog in almost any recipe that calls for milk. Continue reading “Egg nog pancakes”