Blond Brownies

I made this recipe 3 times in one week.  I had a few different reasons to bake and since the recipe book was still on the counter after the first time, it’s quick and I had all the ingredients on hand.  In all cases they disappeared so fast I didn’t get pictures.

I’ve found that the best recipes often come from the back of the package.  For example; my best chocolate chip cookies are from the chocolate chip package.  the best oatmeal cookies are from the recipe on the back of the oatmeal package.  When I saw the book “Hershey’s Classic Recipes” I knew it would be a gooder.  I was right.  Every recipe I’ve tried from this book has been top notch. Continue reading “Blond Brownies”

Chicken dinner winner

I found this marinade recipe for chicken in a recent issue of Cosmopolitan.  Yes, I read Cosmo, don’t judge me.  The recipe calls for roasting the chicken with cherry tomatoes and red onions, which sounds wonderful, but I didn’t have those veggies on hand.  I had regular onions, baby potatoes and asparagus.

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